Our GI Cleanser Pack improve bowl movement. Deep clean the Gastro intestinal tract. Will help the GI tract to function normal. It will not make the colon lazy. The colon will function normal. Helps body to fight infection in the colon. Help to improve the good bacteria in the colon. Help the colon the produce the necessary enzymes to function normal. It will not give you a runny tummy. Will improve allergies and digestive disorders. Improve low energy levels. Inhibit and detoxifies harmful substances. Replenish the friendly bacteria needed for digestion and heals the intestinal lining. Necessary for the repair of mucus membranes of the intestines.

Ingredients: Colon-CL: Alfalfa, Liquorice Root, Marshmallow Root, Oats straw, Passionflower, Slippery Elm, Senna, Barberry, Dandelion, Rhubarb, Aloe Ferox and Mullein. GI Powder: Bentonite, Ginger and Physillium husk.


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