Our U-Slim capsules prevention and treatment of obesity.  Alleviates fatigue.  Appetite suppressant.  Lowers elevated serum and Triglyceride levels.  Prevents the conversion of excess carbohydrates to adipose tissue via Lipogenesis by inhibiting the TP-Citrate Lyase enzyme.  Inhibits the Liver’s production of endogenous cholesterol.  Boost metabolic rate.  Dissolves fat within the liver.  Improves metabolism of fat.  Gentle laxative and diuretic.  Boosts energy levels.  Improve digestion.  Purify and detoxifies the bloodstream.  Regulates hormone balance.

Ingredients:  Chitosan , Flaxseed , Grape Fruit , Guar Gum , Guarana , Gugulipid , L-Carnitine , L-Glutamic Acid , Lysine , Mustart , Psyllium , Tyrosine , Willow Bark and Xylitol.


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