Our Rosemary drops increases the activity of Quinone Reductase in the Liver. Inhibits the activity of Elastase. Counteracts the negative effects of Estrogens (Estradiol and Estrone), including the ability of these Estrogens to initiate some types of Cancer. Improves Blood Circulation. Decreases the permeability and fragility of the Capillaries. Lowers Blood Pressure in Hypertension patients. Stimulates the flow of Bile. Alleviates Halitosis. Increases the production and flow of Urine. Alleviates Allergies. Helps to prevent Breast Cancer Kills some forms of Detrimental Bacteria. Inhibits some types of Detrimental Fungi. Contains several potent Antioxidants. Alleviates Gout (due to its diuretic properties). Alleviates Rheumatism. Stimulates the Central Nervous System. Alleviates Headaches of nervous origin. Alleviates the symptoms of Emphysema. Facilitates and regulates Menstruation.



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