Our Kelp capsules alleviates the Anemia associated with Haemorrhoids. Kelp lowers Blood Pressure in Hypertension patients. Kelp detoxifies some Toxic Minerals (Toxic Heavy Metals) (due to Algin and Alginates in Kelp). Kelp reduces the absorption of Barium and facilitates its excretion from the body (due to Alginates in Kelp). Kelp alleviates Constipation (due to the Algin content of Kelp which produce a laxative effect by retaining Water in the Colon). Kelp facilitates the elimination Intestinal Parasites. Kelp improves Hair Condition (due to its Iodine content). Kelp (Laminaria species) helps to prevent Breast Cancer. Kelp helps to prevent Prostate Cancer (due to the Fucoxanthin content of Kelp). Kelp stimulates the Thyroid (due to Iodine). Kelp alleviates Goiter and Hypothyroidism (due to Iodine). Kelp may alleviate Obesity.

Ingredients: Kelp.


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