Our Glyco-Plus optimal health and immune system function.  Proper gland and organ function.  Proper system functions such as the cardiovascular and endocrine system.  Supports effective cell-to-cell communication.  Helps for auto-immune diseases, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, effects of chemotherapy treatment, allergies, stroke sufferers, diabetes, influenza, gout, Alzheimer’s, psoriasis, rhinitis, rheumatism, candidacies, heart conditions, high blood pressure, septicaemia, urinary infections, shingles, viral infections, cancers, tuberculosis, bladder infections, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, nerve pain, sinus, diverticulitis, hormone imbalances.

Ingredients: Aloe Ferrox, Mannose, Fenugreek, Amla, Oligifructose, Glucosamine, Beer yeast, Psyllium, Glycosamine sulphate, Black currant, Spirullina, Gum Arabic, Cayenne, Whey, Inulin, Chondroitin sulphate bovine, Zanthum gum, Lecithin, Echinacea, Zepufa, Evening primrose, Neem, Flax seed, Astragalus, Pectin, Green Tea, Bitter melon, Shiitake, Guar gum, Boswelia, Turmeric, Hawthorn, Chlorella, Wild yam, Kelp, Cordyceps, Xylitol, MaltoDextrine and Undariapinnatifida


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