Our Bronchial-Eze capsules are used to sooth, cleanse and heal the lungs, respiratory tract and mucous membranes. It relieves congestion, loosens phlegm, aids in the removal of excess amounts of mucous, reduces fevers, increases perspiration, calms the body, relaxes muscles and eases spasms and cramps. It stimulates white blood cells, improves the immune system, guard against infectious illnesses and keeps viruses from multiplying. Excellentin treating emphysema. It’s a cough dispeller and expectorant and helps to soothe irritation in the throat and bronchial passages. Useful for bronchitis, colds and is antispasmodic. Used for trouble of the respiratory system and treatment of lung ailments. The herbs used are world renowned for their treatment of asthma and in difficulty in breathing.  It may help to relax the airway, tone the mucous membranes and reduce inflammation and irritability of bronchitis. It has anti-inflammatory bronchial sedative properties. Emphysema, asthma and laryngitis are antispasmodic.

Ingredients: Boneset, Elecampane, Marshmallow, Lobelia, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Elderberry, Thyme, Eyebright, Goldenrod, Cayenne and Bilberry.


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